Photographed by Ray Lee

The inspiration for this project derived from multiple places. One of these forms came from my attendance of a lecture that looked at the comparison between the identities of past and present women. 

There are contrasting images of these profiles. During my research, I have found an old film called ‘Woman in Red’. In one of the scenes in the film the actress comes out wearing a red dress, red high heels and red lipstick. In that scene, I began to research what red means to women. What does red mean to women? Red colour has many meanings. Insecurity, enthusiasm, toughness, aggression and so on.

In films and advertisements women sometimes use red lipstick. It can be used during temptation or when someone may wish to make a strong impression. Red can show passion and power, but can also relate to anxiety and aggression. I photographed this psychological behaviour with reference to the colour red. I also collaborated with designers with the outfits deriving from their collections. 

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